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Much of this book is based on material which appeared in Othello Quarterly. Thanks to the current and previous editors: Eddie Williams, Jonathan Cerf, George Sullivan, Ted Landau, Clarence Hewlett. Special thanks to David Parsons for his tremendous support of Othello in general and this book in particular.

All of the diagrams in this book were produced with WZebra. Thanks to Gunnar Andersson for making several modifications to the program on my behalf.

Thanks to Jonathan Cerf for making many suggestions which greatly improved the book, and for buying me lunch so many times over the years.

Takeshi Murakami introduced me to many of the ideas in Chapter 13 and offered some examples used in the book. Thanks for everything, Takeshi.

Most of the puzzles which appear in Chapter 15 were created by George Sullivan, David Toth, Jonathan Cerf, Geoffrey Hamilton, Philip Greenberg, Olivier Thill (including my favorites, Puzzles 84 through 90), David Shaman, and last but never least, Iago Sangria.

Thanks to the founding members of the US Othello Association: Mark Weinberg, Jonathan Cerf, Mitch Soulliard, John Stoner, George Sullivan, Richard Levy, and Roger Richards.

Thanks to Philip Greenberg and Bill Roman for introducing me to the game.

Thanks to the Toth family for running the first tournament that I ever attended, and making it so much fun that I wanted to come back for more.

Thanks to Goro Hasegawa, the inventor of Othello, and the Becker family for introducing the game to the world.

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